Initially conceived in 1965 and subsequently completed in 1975 by owner Herman Kassinger, Rossland Park continues to be the most desirable rental community in Oshawa. Covering over 50 acres in Oshawa's prestigious north end, this multi-faceted complex is home to over 2,500 tenants.

Herman Kassinger’s philosophy of providing good value to tenants was a result of an extensive research program which gleaned the best ideas from similar communities in Europe. Much consideration was put into a design which would ensure this attractive community would continue to grow more beautiful with each passing year.

Only the finest materials were used in the construction of the complex resisting the wear and tear usually encountered by rental buildings. From day one, an organized interior and exterior maintenance staff was created to ensure the buildings and grounds continued to be an attractive showplace.

Rossland Park is a self-sustaining residential community that feels more like a resort. The pleasing combination of townhomes, garden apartments and high rise buildings all combine effortlessly in this pristine setting. Residents enjoy amenities including the spectacular Country Club (which also houses Rossland Park's administration office) and features a large fireside lounge and comfortable lounge areas.

The Country Club, which is centrally located in the complex, regularly hosts card games, get-togethers and meetings. On a hot summer's day you'll see residents of all ages swimming in the olympic-size swimming pool, enjoying an invigorating game of tennis on the courts. An adjacent Grocery Boutique caters to the needs of Rossland Park residents year round.

On a stroll through the exquisitely manicured gardens, you'll come upon many beautiful spots such as the fish pond and many attractive rock gardens. Included in the community you’ll find a 3 acre woodlot where mature trees, vast green spaces and numerous walking paths are abundant. The addition of an automatic sprinkler system covering the entire complex keeps the grounds a vibrant shade of green all summer long.

Integral to the safety of Rossland Park residents is the computer-controlled security system. Through a combination of cameras in strategic locations plus the dedicated security staff, vandalism at the complex is extremely rare. City buses regularly make their routes through the main complex roads which also feature well-maintained weatherproof bus shelters. Tenants also have the option of an indoor parking garage for their vehicles.

It's easy to see why boredom is a word seldom used by our residents. Why not spend the best years of your life with us at Rossland Park!